Popping Corn

Don’t be left holding the empty bowl! Let’s have some fun with math. There are three difficulty levels: easy, medium, and difficult. You must choose a level and respond to your question by popping corn.

Allow your mind to solve questions in a second. Tap on the Popcorn to choose your answer. Your Popcorn will be collected and the score will be shown at the end. Try not to be the one holding an empty bowl.

This is an arcade game, you will enjoy playing. Learning and solving math is easy.

Sharp Hit

Here we come up with the knives but not for the humans but for a pity logs. Let’s hit the log with a sharp edge knife. There are certain levels in this game. The player must complete the level by hitting the mentioned number of knives into a log to cut

it down and then he will be able to move to the next round. You must Tap on the screen to release a knife. After completing 5 levels new obstacle will be introduced and you can enjoy the new theme as well.

The log is revolving, sometimes fast but sometimes slow and even it can turn. There is a challenge for the players to hit a knife. You must not hit the knife in the same place

Tap Tap Go

The Adventure begins with Tap Tap Super cat is all alone in the tangle. He wants to fly, but he encounters obstacles. There are a lot of silly obstacles in his path, and the super cat truly wants to get home, but why is he always crashing into them? Allow this super cat to find his way through this maze.

Tap on the screen to make the cat fly but remember don’t let the hurdles hurt the cat. This is an arcade game, and it is probably the most enjoyable and focused game one can find to spend leisure time.

Come play and show your friends that you can fly the longest distance.

Skyline Commander

Get ready to embark on an exhilarating journey as you take on the role of an air traffic controller in ‘Skyline Commander’ In this captivating game, players are tasked with safely guiding incoming planes to their designated landing zones, all while avoiding disastrous collisions in the vast skies.

Take command of the skies as you face the ultimate challenge of strategic planning and quick thinking. As planes enter the airspace from different directions, it’s up to you to draw the optimal flight paths for each aircraft. Your mission is to guide them flawlessly toward their landing zones, ensuring a safe and successful arrival.

However, be prepared for the unexpected! The skies will become increasingly crowded, presenting new obstacles and challenges along the way. With limited time and limited airspace, you must carefully analyze each situation, predict potential conflicts, and adjust flight paths accordingly to maintain order and prevent accidents.