Arhpez Technologies (Pvt.) Ltd has extensive experience in IT industry which enables them to deliver specialized solutions quickly.
To design the right software for your needs, we have an expert team of developers proficient in Cloud, DevOps, Microservice, ReactJS, AngularJS, NodeJS, Python, Native Android, Native iOS, React Native and several other technologies. We follow Agile & Scrum methodologies to continuously and iteratively build your resolution. Your custom software can deliver outstanding user experience with Cloud-technology through the possibility to integrate any new feature into your software anytime.

We Are Solution Providers

Choosing the right platform strategy will help you tie up all loose ends and enable a great user experience. We can ensure fast development & deployment of your applications using cross-platform frameworks like React Native and Flutter. These leading technologies let us write a single shared data layer that could be used in both mobile platforms- iOS and Android, saving time and resources. Cross-platform apps could be created with any programming tool that is not native to an operating system.

Our specialists will help you make cognizant decisions through detailed analysis of your needs and expectations from the software, and innovative design to meet these goals.

Arhpez Benefits

At this time, when the world is expanding rapidly. Accelerate the adoption of technologies such as digitalization, cloud analytics, and automation to revitalize our customer service approach. As the demand for these services has grown, we have transformed the work structure and our R&D team has developed a variety of applications to bring our company into this technological environment.

Arhpez Technologies is more than just a name to us; it is a way of life. Our journey began in 2018, and we have since expanded our fan base.

Arhpez Technologies (Pvt.) Ltd has extensive experience in IT industry which enables them to deliver specialized solutions quickly.

Arhpez Services

Mobile App Development

We are building a mobile application development team, with native iOS and Android development capabilities, along with cross platform capabilities.

Website Development

We work on Full-Stack projects and are proficient in Microsoft tools (.NET), Angular, React, and Node. WordPress resources are also available.

Project Management

We have skilled Project Management resources available, who can help take on project management responsibilities.

Cloud Computing

We collaborate with Microsoft Azure, Amazon Web Services (AWS), and Google Cloud Platform (GCP). We collaborate with Microsoft.

Digital Designing

Corporate graphics build your image in customer's mind giving lot more attention than other media.

Business Analysis

We work hard to understand your business needs, generate ideas, assist in the development of,and deploy solutions that meet those requirements.

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Projects In Progress

For many organizations, starting a new software development project can be difficult.
Arhpez Technologies (Pvt.) Ltd. provides a wide range of services to assist our clients throughout the software development life cycle, including assistance with improving clarity and technical specifications, as well as providing technical and business information obtained from previous projects. Create and improve software applications, as well as integrate them with third-party programs. Our developers have stack fluency and platform knowledge.